Board of Directors

* Indicates Executive Officers

Image of Robin Jones
Robin Jones*
ROMA Chair, AMO Rural Caucus, Mayor
Image of Kevin Holland
Kevin Holland*
First Vice Chair, Zone 10, Mayor
Image of Eli El-Chantiry
Eli El-Chantiry*
Second Vice Chair, Zone 8 and Councillor
Image of Allan Thompson
Allan Thompson*
Immediate Past Chair, Zone 4, Mayor
Image of Dennis Crevits
Dennis Crevits
Zone 1, Councillor
Image of Chris White
Chris White
Zone 2, Mayor
Image of Lloyd Ferguson
Lloyd Ferguson
Zone 3, Councillor
Image of Pam Sayne
Pam Sayne
Zone 5, Councillor
Image of Kim Love
Kim Love
Zone 6, Mayor
Image of Cameron Wales
Cameron Wales
Zone 7, Councillor
Image of Bill Vrebosch
Bill Vrebosch
Zone 9, Councillor
Image of Sandra Datars Bere
Sandra Datars Bere
AMO Rural Caucus, CAO
Image of Peter Emon
Peter Emon
AMO Rural Caucus, Reeve
Image of Christa Lowry
Christa Lowry
AMO Rural Caucus, Mayor
Image of Christine Robinson
Christine Robinson
AMO Rural Caucus, Mayor