About ROMA

The Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) is the rural voice of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO). The Association is an integral part of AMO and a number of its Executive Members serve on the AMO Board of Directors. Policy, research and advocacy activities are undertaken by ROMA through AMO. ROMA represents rural communities through its policy and advocacy and recently includes resources such as:

  • Opportunities for Rural Ontario in a Post-Covid World - An Action Plan
  • Attainable Housing Task Force Report
  • Supports for elected officials on broad band decision making and implementation
  • Policy and advocacy on a range of issues impacting rural communities
  • Support for federal fairness to Ontario

ROMA is committed to promoting, supporting and enhancing strong and effective rural governments and socially and economically sustainable rural communities, today and into the future. Leadership is provided by the Chair and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets approximately eight times a year at the AMO offices in Toronto. 

Rural communities and the people who live within them are the core drivers of ROMA’s advocacy work. This is supported by ROMA's commitment to:

  • Rural municipal government, the value and unique qualities of rural communities, and the diversity of interests within rural municipalities
  • The autonomy of rural municipalities
  • Fairness and equity for rural municipalities
  • Consultation and cooperation with member municipalities

The ROMA Executive undertakes a range of activities on behalf of its membership:

  • Develops policy positions and reports on issues having an impact on, and of interest to rural municipalities in particular
  • Represents and expresses the rural municipal viewpoint within AMO and to other levels of government and authorities
  • Represents the rural municipalities in intergovernmental discussions and negotiations
  • Informs rural municipal governments, the media and the public on municipal issues.

NOTE: Every attempt has been made to make ROMA Annual Report accessible. Financial statements are provided by a third party and are not AODA compliant. If you require a fully accessible document please contact ROMA at roma@roma.on.ca or 416.971.9856.