Policy, research and advocacy activities are undertaken by ROMA. Matters which affect rural communities are brought to the attention of the provincial and federal governments.

Opportunities for Rural Ontario in a Post-Covid World

Read ROMA’s action plan on rural growth and resiliency. Commissioned by the ROMA Board, the plan outlines nearly two dozen ways to rethink the role of rural communities in the economic and social vitality of the province – today and in the future.

Connecting Rural Ontario: Policy Highlights

2021 Policy Priorities: COVID-19 - Municipal Fiscal Relief and Economic Recovery, Public Health, Broadband, Long-Term Care, Infrastructure, Climate Change, Waste Diversion, Policing and Housing

Broadband and Cellular connectivity

A Path To Better Connectivity: Roma Launches Municipal Broadband Resources

Blue Box and Full Producer Responsibility

A Rural Lens: Municipalities will have to decide if they want to stay in the business of recycling.

The Rural and Northern Lens

The Rural and Northern Lens was created by the AMO Northern and Rural Working Group in 2006, after noting that many of the challenges facing rural and northern communities had one commonality - a lack of forethought about the consequences of applying a one-size-fits-all approach to a specific policy area.

Environmental Policies

Rural municipal governments support the Ministry’s move to create consistent land use compatibility guidelines and provide better enforcement tools. This will ensure stronger compliance with environmental laws, hold polluters accountable, and continue to protect human health and the natural environment. 


ROMA Provides input on farm safety regulations.

Best Practices in Local Food

The objective of the study is to provide municipal decision makers with guidance on how to align municipal activities with the expectations outlined in Bill 36 and build on local food innovations and experiences in Ontario and other jurisdictions.


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