Opportunities for Rural Ontario in a Post-Covid World

Opportunities for Rural Ontario in a Post-Covid World is ROMA’s action plan on rural growth and resiliency. Commissioned by the ROMA Board, the plan outlines nearly two dozen ways to rethink the role of rural communities in the economic and social vitality of the province – today and in the future.

ROMA Survey on Attainable Housing in Rural Ontario
At the 2022 ROMA Annual Conference and General Meeting, the Board released Opportunities for Rural Ontario in Post-Covid World. This seminal policy paper was developed to rethink strategies and solutions for the economic and social sustainability of post-COVID rural Ontario. Rural Opportunities identifies 23 recommendations under 5 key themes as a roadmap for rural Ontario to reach its full potential.

You heard at the ROMA Conference that the ROMA Board would prioritize critical actions to implement the recommendations.

Attainable housing has by far been the key priority for ROMA members. The ROMA Board has established a Rural Attainable Housing Task Force to develop policy solutions and strategies that consider the realities of rural Ontario.

To assist the Task Force in its work, the ROMA Board is asking its members for input. The following survey will take 5 minutes to complete and will provide valuable information that will be instrumental to the work of the Task Force.

The deadline to respond is April 12, 2022 by 4-pm. ROMA values and appreciates your feedback.