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ROMA is reaching out to you directly to help shape a number of its 2021 strategic priorities. Please take a few minutes to fill out these surveys and learn more about these initiatives below. In this issue:

  • Driving rural economic recovery and growth
  • Survey Says: Take a few minutes to help shape ROMA
  • ROMA sits down with Minister on Code of Conduct
  • LAS Spotlight: Speed Camera Program Coming Soon

Driving rural economic recovery and growth

ROMA is partnering with the Rural Ontario Institute on a rural economic recovery and growth plan for Ontario’s rural municipalities.

The work will help us better understand the economic challenges and opportunities of the COVID-19 pandemic on Ontario’s rural municipalities. It will also chart a path forward to create vibrant and resilient rural communities for the long-term.

ROI has engaged Pivotal Momentum Inc., a rural Ontario-based consulting firm, to conduct an economic analysis and develop the plan. It will include economic growth strategies at the municipal level, as well as possible solutions driven by the provincial and federal governments.

Your input is important to this process. Within the next few weeks, ROMA will seek feedback on the impact of the pandemic across your municipality, as well as the trends you see shaping rural life locally. Survey questions will touch on demographics, diversity, urbanization, digitization and financial considerations. Please take the time to share your local insights.

“As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, supporting rural economic development is one of the Board’s major 2021 strategic objectives,” said ROMA Chair Robin Jones. “This work is critical to guiding our advocacy on behalf of rural municipalities.”

The strategy is to be completed and presented at the 2022 ROMA Conference.

Survey Says: Take a few minutes to help shape ROMA

ROMA Board Governance and Zones
ROMA is conducting a governance and zone review to strengthen how the association represents and engages with rural municipal leaders. As part of this review, the ROMA Board is seeking your feedback on what ROMA is doing well, what it can do better, and whether the Board’s structure effectively meets your needs. Please set aside about 10 minutes to complete the survey and share your feedback as part of this governance and zone review. The survey will be available until June 21, 2021.

2022 ROMA Conference – Planning Survey

Planning for the 2022 ROMA Conference is underway. Depending on public health guidance, the conference may be an in-person event, a virtual conference or a hybrid of the two. To help ensure the conference best meets your needs, the Board has developed a short survey to inform planning efforts. Please provide your input so we can create an event that truly supports your needs.

ROMA sits down with Minister on Code of Conduct

The ROMA Board will meet with Minister Jill Dunlop to provide input on a Code of Conduct for municipal elected officials. Strong Codes of Conduct ensure public accountability and build trust in local government. ROMA will reinforce AMO’s recommendations that aim to strengthen tools for compliance, provide greater clarity on penalties, and improve education and standardization for Integrity Commissioners.

LAS Spotlight: Speed Camera Program Coming Soon

LAS is working on a turnkey solution for automated speed enforcement – or speed cameras – for use in designated school and community safety zones. The goal of the program is to provide an affordable solution for safer roads. LAS launched an RFP this past spring and is currently reviewing proposals with the input of a municipal staff experts. The program will rollout during the 2021/22 school year. Contact LAS to be kept up to date on this exciting new program to create safer roads – just one of the many ways LAS is helping communities work better.

Strategic Priorities
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