Broadband and Cellular

Rural connectivity has been a ROMA priority for many years and the pandemic highlighted the critical need for broadband in rural areas.  

The Governments of Canada and Ontario both made multi-billion dollar investments. This backgrounder provides an overview of funding programs. 

ROMA is pleased with the funding and will continue to monitor progress. Municipal Access Agreements related to rights-of-way for broadband infrastructure are key to how quickly new infrastructure can be built. 

The following are samples and resources related to these agreements: 

Rural Resources
ROMA has created two comprehensive resources tailored specifically for Ontario’s rural municipalities. The Municipal Primer gives an overview of the broadband landscape, including Canada’s regulatory framework.

The Municipal Roadmap lays out components of a municipal connectivity plan that municipal councils and staff can implement to create local solutions.

Municipal Primer Municipal Roadmap

A Webinar was held on December 1, 2020 for municipal elected officials. Download the ROMA Resource Guides on Broadband Connectivity presentation slides, or watch the recording:


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