Call for Nominations:  2023 - 2027 ROMA Board of Directors

Request of Municipal Clerks: Please make this document available to all new and incumbent council members coming out of the October 24th, 2022 municipal elections. We do not have all of their email addresses at this time.

ROMA Policies and Procedures set out the requirements for the Notice and deadline for Zone Nominations. Deadline for receipt of nominations is Friday, December 23, 2022, so if an individual of your 2023 – 2027 Council wishes to run for the ROMA Board, Council (or its Committee of the Whole) will need to pass a supporting resolution at a November or December 2022 meeting.

ROMA Elections Notice
Please be advised that in accordance with the Rural Ontario Municipal Association’s Policies and Procedures, this is notice of nominations for Zone Representatives to the 2023 – 2027 ROMA Board. One (1) representative will be elected for each of the ten zones. The term of the ROMA Board is four years. Candidates reflecting Ontario’s diversity are encouraged to seek election to the ROMA Board.

The 2023 - 2027 ROMA Board of Directors nomination package contains:

  • A summary of the qualifications to serve on the ROMA Board of Directors;
  • A sample Council resolution;
  • An estimate of the annual time commitment required to serve on the ROMA Board and information regarding reimbursement of expenses; and
  • Nomination Form.

The election will take place on Monday, January 23, 2023 at the 2023 Annual Conference. The conference is January 22 - January 24, Sheraton Hotel, 123 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

In the event the conference is held virtually due to public health restrictions, conference delegates will vote through electronic means.

A completed Nomination Form and supporting material (i.e., Council or Committee of the Whole resolution of support) must be received no later than 12:00 p.m. on Friday, December 23, 2022. Nominations will not be accepted beyond that date.

Please forward a completed Nomination Form to the Association via email or fax at 416-971-6191 or mail to the attention of Brian Rosborough, Executive Director. Scans and photographic images of documents are acceptable. All candidates will be contacted to confirm receipt of their nomination.

ROMA’s Chief Returning Officer, Peter Fay, will review and certify the nomination. A Nominations Report will be issued to the membership in advance of the conference. Information regarding the elections process will be sent at that time.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact Brian Rosborough, Executive Director at 416-971-9856, ext. 362, e-mail or Adam Garcia, Manager, Executive Office, 416-971-9856, ext. 356, email