Strategic Objectives

2023 Strategic Objectives

1. Advance the priorities of rural municipalities with a clear and distinct ROMA voice.

2. Advocate for government investment, services and policies that support the prosperity and essential role of rural municipalities as advanced by the 5 themes and recommendations of the Rural Opportunities paper.

3. Support the successful implementation and acceleration of broadband investment to support economic and social development

4. Build on the recommendations of the Rural Attainable Housing Task Force recommendations to ensure infrastructure and planning policies reflect and support rural Ontario.

5. Deliver an outstanding ROMA conference in 2023.  
6. Continue to build ROMA’s communication plan through strategic communications and active social media

7. Support organizations, events and activities that advance, promote and celebrate the strength of rural communities in the social, cultural and economic fabric of Ontario

8. Bring a strong rural influence on current and emerging social, justice, economic and environmental issues and policy in Ontario

9. Work in partnership with other organizations to support a strong and unified municipal sector in Ontario