AMO President's Remarks on Canada Post Review. September 27, 2016
AMO President Lynn Dollin presented remarks to members of the federal Standing Committee tasked to review the future of Canada Post. AMO is urging the federal government to respect municipal decision making authority and to have meaningful consultations with the sector if there are to be operational changes to Canada Post that impact local communities.

ROMA Letter to Minister Naqvi re OPP Billing Model. April 19, 2016
On behalf of ROMA, the ROMA Chair expresses concern regarding the current OPP billing model and the impacts of specific structures being included in the property count as households, including seasonally occupied recreational trailers, mobile homes, and wind turbines.

For the Good Of All Ontarians - ROMA Video
ROMA produced a video that shares the story of rural Ontario, our story. For some this will be a reminder, for others new information.  Please show it to your whole council and do get in touch with your zone representative so ROMA can continue to be that strong advocate. It’s a pleasure to be here with you for the premiere showing of the ROMA Video!

2016 ROMA Pre-Budget Submission
ROMA submission to the Clerk, Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs. January 26, 2016.