Policy, research and advocacy activities are undertaken by ROMA. Matters which affect rural communities are brought to the attention of the provincial and federal governments.

Over the past year, ROMA has advocated on a wide range of policy matters:
  • The need for more rural infrastructure funding, including pressing for formula-based approaches that ensure all municipalities can benefit.
  • The sustainability of rural retirement homes, including funding to install sprinkler systems.
  • Expanded rural broadband services.  In 2016, the federal government announced new funding for broadband internet service and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission defined high-speed internet as a basic service for all Canadians.
  • On policing ROMA has pressed for changes to OPP Billing and MPAC assessment of land uses such as recreational trailers, mobile homes, and wind turbines, to ensure rural municipal governments are being charged fairly for the OPP service they receive. To date, we have seen some action at the Province to review the assessment practice of these areas.
  • ROMA brought the rural lens to AMO’s policing modernization task force in 2015 and continues to provide input into AMO’s advocacy on the matter.
  • During the past year, ROMA has participated in numerous provincial reviews and consultations, including: aggregates, conservation authorities, wetlands conservation, wildlife damages, wastewater, rural transit, affordable housing, health care and trails.
  • Other ongoing policy priorities include natural gas expansion, rural economic development and the closure of rural schools.